Report 1 - Living Close: Concept and Consequence, March 2016, click here

Report 2 - Prices Crises: Costs and Benefits of Reducing Housing Prices, April 2016, click here

Report 3 - Land Supply: Scarce means Dense and Expensive, April 2016, click here

Report 4 - Coming and Going: Intra-provincial, Inter-provincial, and International Migration to and from                    Metropolitan Vancouver, May 2016, click here

Report 5- Demand and Occupancy: Micro-Economics and Metropolitan Vancouver’s Housing Market,                   June 2016, click here

Report 6- City of Vancouver, General Manager, Community Services’ Administrative Report, Policy &                       Regulatory Steps for Reducing Empty Housing, July 2016, click here

Report 7- Team Players and Federal Electoral Reform, August 2016, click here

Report 8- Distribution of Household Incomes in Metropolitan Vancouver: Estimates and                                               Projections, September, 2016, click here